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Abletech at RubyConf AU in Melbourne

By carl.

Group Shot Ruby Conf Img 20130221 Wa0000

Last month (20-22 Feb 2013) the Abletech team attended the inaugural downunder RubyConf held in Melbourne. It was a great conference - fantastic speakers, awesome attendees, well run and fun times!  The whole team learnt some valuable...

Abletech Android and Web App In Action

By carl.


Calvin and Joseph have been working on a Web and Android Mobile application for Macaulay Metals which is used with their fleet of trucks. Macaulay's drivers carry an Android phone running our application which gives them a real-time list of...

Abletech at SXSW 2012

By marcus.

Cameron Prebble and I set off for a few weeks in the States. The first week had Cameron relaxing attending attending an Edward Tufte course on Data Visualisations in New York, whilst I (drawing the short straw) had to field test an iPhone app...

Configuring an IPv6 tunnel on Ubuntu

By nigelramsay.

Setting up an IPv6 tunnel on Ubuntu 10.04 is reasonably easy, if you have the right instructions. I recently spent quite a bit of trial and error getting a new server on the IPv6 Internet using a tunnel provided by a local provider. Now that I've worked out the tricky parts, it should be easy for others to get it going.

Testing HTTP interactions in Rails using VCR

By cameronfowler.

If your Ruby on Rails application performs any HTTP requests to an external service, you will know they are a pain to test. The issue with these requests is that they are slow. Not only that, they are unreliable. Any self respecting programmer would do their best to avoid having live HTTP requests in their tests.

I previously have found myself creating some sort of XML file to represent the expected response from the request then stubbing out any real calls to just return this pre-made response. The concept is pretty simple, but is slow to set up, especially if you have a few different scenarios to test!